CQ or CQDX must only be used ON A CLEAR FREQUENCY.

*** CQ or CQDX must only be used ON A CLEAR FREQUENCY.***

There seem to be many operators who will reply to a call or try to call into an ongoing QSO on an already occupied frequency with ‘CQ CQ’ and then their call sign. This should NOT be done..

CQ and CQDX calls MUST only be used on a CLEAR frequency…

When replying to another stations CQ or CQDX call you do NOT say CQ or CQDX back, you should say your Call Sign only ONCE, that is all that is needed.

When You have transmitted your call sign, WAIT for the other station to call you in to make contact. There may be other stations also replying to their call so you must listen for them to call you (or another station they have heard) in to make contact..

All information other than your call sign can wait until you are called in for contact.

When you are called in for contact that is when you can give Signal report, Operators Name, location and any other information.. —

CQ or CQDX must only be used ON A CLEAR FREQUENCY.

73 de Hairy Paul 108HS5625

Why One CQ call is often not enough..

Just putting out one CQ call is often not enough… ┬áThere are many stations that will need more than one call in order to see the spike on their band scope, change to that frequency and adjust their beam to ‘find’ a strong signal from you before returning to your call. Some operators may also see the signal, change to that frequency, listen for and take note of your call sign, look up your location and turn their beam to your heading before returning to your call. There have indeed been many times when I see a single brief spike on the band scope or a small ‘blip’ on the waterfall display and I go to that frequency and listen for a while, but hear nothing… Sometimes I have had to call CQ for several minutes before someone returns to my calls.. A quick scan about and a couple of calls is often not enough to to make any contact, just like on RF radio… — It may appear that there is ‘Nobody there’ but often it just takes a little patience for another station to hear (or see) your call and make a contact.. — Just a thought — 73 de Hairy Paul 108hs5625