using dx monitor

DX Monitors and how to make use of them.

The HamSphere 4 DX Monitors are wideband receiver stations around the world that operate 24 hours a day, they ‘listen’ continuously for signals on all bands. To make use of the DX monitors you will have to turn on the ”DX mon” report feature using the button at the bottom of your ‘DX Monitor module’ on your transceiver. (see image below) When any DX monitor station receives your transmitted signal they will send a report to you that will be displayed the DX-Monitor module on your HamSphere 4 transceiver where you will see their report in Red text. They report their ID and Signal strength EG: [DXMON] AUE:S2, EUC:S4 ASE:S2 This shows that the DX monitors located in Australia, Europe and China are receiving my transmission at the signal strength shown after the DX monitor ID This gives a good indication of the current propagation conditions between your transmitter location and each of The DX-Monitors. The locations of the DX monitors are shown on the map below: – 73 de Hairy Paul 108hs5625

HamSphere 4 DX Monitor switch (ON)

HamSphere 4 DX Monitor switch. Shown in (ON) mode.

Map of HamSphere 4 DX Monitor stations.

Map of HamSphere 4 DX Monitor stations.